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Being the Change that You Wish to See

you must be the change you wish to see in the world


People become catalysts for transformation, inspiring others by their convictions and deeds, and becoming the change they wish to see. People actively participate in improving society and to match their words with their deeds, serving as a painful reminder that real change originates from within. It reflects the idea that each person has the power to change the world and emphasizes how small acts can have a big impact on establishing a more fair, caring, and just society.

The creative story about this quote:

A chilly, impersonal glow was cast over the busy street by the city’s neon lights. Among the bustling crowds, Maya, a young woman, gripped her worn-out coat more tightly, the wind rustling through the openings in her attire. Her hunger was growing stronger, but she was unable to beg for the spare coin that the uninterested onlookers had jingling in their pockets because she was afraid of being sent away.

Suddenly, a soft hand made contact with her arm. Maya became shocked to see the kind eyes of an elderly woman wrapped in a tattered shawl when she looked up. The woman smiled warmly and invitingly as she motioned to a nearby bakery. “Would you like something warm to eat, dear?”

Maya nodded, unable to speak as tears filled her eyes. Introducing herself as Mrs. Hernandez, the woman guided Maya into the bakery where she purchased a soft roll and a steaming cup of soup. Maya felt her heart fill with thankfulness as she ate the dish. The harshness of her reality had been suddenly wiped away by a stranger’s compassion and a simple act of kindness.

Maya made a silent commitment that day. She would represent the positive change she hoped to see in the world, providing the same kindness and understanding that Mrs. Hernandez had given her.

Her adventure started out little. A helping hand to an elderly woman struggling with her groceries, a warm smile to a lonely-looking man sitting on a park bench. Regardless of how small the deed appeared, every act made someone else’s life brighter and gave Maya herself hope. 

News of Maya’s generosity spread. Others soon followed her. A businessman arranged a clothing drive, a group of students helped at a nearby soup kitchen. And a group of artists created murals with inspirational words on dilapidated walls. Once enveloped in apathy, the city started to see a blooming of empathy.

While helping out in the soup kitchen one day, Maya noticed Mrs. Hernandez, a familiar figure in line. With tears in her eyes, Maya hurried to welcome the taken aback woman. Maya acknowledged, her voice stifling with passion, “You inspired me.” “Your act of kindness changed my life, and now I’m trying to do the same for others.” 

With a smile, Mrs. Hernandez’s eyes sparkled. “You’ve done so much more, my dear. You gave a community the drive to band together and effect the change they desired.”

As she saw the lively soup kitchen, where both volunteers and customers were mingling and exchanging pleasantries, Maya came to understand the genuine impact of her deeds. The city changed by the combined effort, not by the individual acts, but rather one act of compassion at a time.

The story highlights the communal effect of a community brought together by compassion as well as the transformational potential of seemingly small deeds of kindness. It goes beyond individual bravery by demonstrating the strength of common people who decide to change the world, no matter how tiny a difference their actions may seem to make. It encourages them to become change agents in their own places by showing them that everyone has the capacity to be the change they wish to see.

—— THE END ——

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