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Finding Life Balance And Happiness

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive


People should give their own wellbeing high priority by making time for the experiences and activities that make them feel happy to be alive. This can include hobbies, quality time with close friends and family, self-care routines, and anything else that gives them a sense of true aliveness. The significance of maintaining a balance between duties and commitments and activities that feed the mind and soul. Making time for these activities can enhance overall happiness while also having a positive effect on one’s relationships, career, and overall well-being.

The story about this quote:

A young man named William used to reside in a busy city. He always worked hard to accomplish his objectives since he was ambitious and motivated. But as he climbed the corporate ladder, he noticed that his level of stress and exhaustion was rising. He had the impression that something was lacking from his life despite his accomplishments. One day, while taking his lunch break at a park, William had a realization. He came to the realization that he had neglected the things that actually made him happy. Because he had been so preoccupied with his work. He became aware that he had given up doing the activities that gave him a sense of aliveness.

William created a strategy to try and fix this. No matter how busy his calendar got, he resolved to always find time for the things that made him feel happy to be alive. He began by scheduling time for exercise and meditation each morning. And he was able to relax after doing this and feel refreshed for the day. He also started scheduling time for his interests. And he made it a point to get his camera out and capture pictures every weekend because he had always liked photography. Additionally, he started dancing, which was something he had always wanted to try but had never had the time for.

William made time for his friends and family as well. Every Friday, he would go to lunch with his friends and make sure to call his parents at least once a week. Additionally, he made sure to take time off from work to celebrate major holidays with his loved ones. Over time, William noticed that in addition to being happier, he was also working harder. He discovered that by making time for activities that brought him joy. He could approach his work with new energy and focus.

William’s new approach to life also had a positive impact on his relationships. When he was among the people he cared about. He was more attentive and engaged, and they could tell that he was happier. William’s colleagues also observed the change in him and inquired as to the source of his renewed energy and outlook. William revealed to them his newfound strategy of constantly making time for the activities that made him feel happy to be alive. Some of them followed his lead, and their own lives improved significantly.

William’s new outlook had an impact not only on his life but also on people around him. It demonstrating the value of taking care of oneself as well as those close to you. William discovered that finding balance and pleasure in his life was more important for actual success than simply moving up the business ladder. It made all the difference in the world that he had learnt to make time for the things that made him feel happy to be alive.