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Finishing Line Is Important In Your Life


It doesn’t matter how we start the race; what matters is that we cross the finishing line. The value of perseverance and finishing what you start, as opposed to getting discouraged or quitting up too soon. We can accomplish our objectives and attain the results we want by remaining committed and focused.

The story about this quote:

There was once a young man named Hendry who had always dreamed of becoming a great athlete. He worked hard every day, training and practicing, determined to one day become the best. However, despite his dedication and talent, Hendry struggled to achieve the success he craved. He often found himself overshadowed by his more talented teammates, and his confidence began to falter.

Hendry is a talented player, but because he is a new team member, the coach chooses to utilize him as a water boy instead of letting him play in the game. Hendry entered a game because one of his teammates injured, but because he hadn’t played in a while, he was out of form so he didn’t perform well. His capacity was selected by his teammates. His coach, though, is aware of his talent. One day, Hendry’s coach pulled him aside and told him a simple, yet powerful truth: “It’s not how you start that’s important, but how you finish.”

At first, Hendry confused. He had always believed that the key to success was to get a strong start and maintain a lead. But as he thought about it more, he realized that his coach was right. It wasn’t about getting ahead at the beginning and maintaining a lead, but about persevering and giving it your all until the very end. With this new perspective, Hendry redoubled his efforts and began to train even harder. And slowly but surely, his hard work began to pay off. He started to see improvement in his performance, and his confidence began to grow.

Finally, the day of the big championship game arrived. Hendry’s team was up against their toughest opponent yet, and it was anyone’s game. But with his coach’s words of wisdom in mind, Hendry gave it his all, pushing himself to the limit and refusing to give up. In the end, Hendry’s team emerged victorious, and he hailed as the hero of the game. And as he stood on the podium, receiving his medal, he couldn’t help but think back to that day when his coach had told him that it’s not how you start that’s important, but how you finish. He knew that it was this mindset that had helped him overcome his struggles and achieve his dream.