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Formal Education Is Not The Only Way Of Learning


We should be open to learning from all sources and experiences and not limit our learning to formal education only. A growth mindset and the significance of looking for chances for education and growth, from whatever source. We may increase our knowledge and abilities and accomplish our objectives by being open to learning from all sources and experiences.

The story about this quote:

Two friends who go to a school are David and Marshal. They are in the same class but a different section, and instead of learning in the classroom, they regularly annoy their classmates and teachers. Because one of their seniors acted in such a way, the senior became the school’s hero. David and Marshal therefore aspire to have a heroic life at school. But they are unaware about the senior’s, he only disturbed disobedient students.

David and Marshal were asked to come see the principal one day, so they did so during a break. When all of their teachers were there. The principal instructed the teachers to take additional precautions for their students and make sure they did well on their final exam in order to avoid having to suspend them. The teachers, David and Marshal are not expecting that, they think the principal asked them to give any punishment. David and Marshal were pleased to hear this because they always receive punishment from their teachers, who they don’t like. But the teachers give punishment to change their thoughts.

Hearing that leaves the teachers with no other option and they are confused. The following day, the teachers set up a meeting according to the sections of the class. Teachers in the David section intend to teach the chosen curriculum in order to achieve high test scores. In order to achieve excellent scores, the Marshal section teachers intend to cover the entire curriculum while also doing practical demonstrations. Due to the presence of the other students in the class, they were unable to impart any particular knowledge to David and Marshal. they instruct the entire class in accordance with their plans. The principal kept an eye on everyone. He had no intention of suspending the teachers; he was only trying to intimidate them.

After some months David and Marshal realize his mistakes and they start studying. They performed well and received decent grades on the final exam. David received higher marks than Marshal because he had studied the chosen curriculum. Their teachers saved. David and Marshal joined the same company after completing their studies, where they worked on the same project in different teams. It is a very urgent project, so they have very little time. Marshal performs well in their team. He gathers full information from the client and helps his team members to do their project portion.

David’s team leader requested that David ask the client for details, so David did. David, however, did not give his team members all the details; rather, he merely informed them of the crucial project characteristics. Both teams finished their assignments and turned them in to the testing crew. The project tested, however it was a failure. They discover the errors made by the David team and notify their boss. The boss asked David’s team leader about the problem. But he didn’t know because the project completed in accordance with the information.

But David is aware of the cause, he told their supervisor, and as a result of his irritation, the boss suspended David. David followed the lessons he had learned in school, but now that he has realized his errors, he has changed his ways.