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Anger Will Destroy Your Kingdom


Anger is a harmful emotion that can result in hurt and destruction rather than solving issues or producing beneficial results. The significance of controlling our emotions and preventing anger from influencing our behavior or judgment. We can handle and resolve problems more effectively and constructively if we maintain our composure and focus.

The story about this quote:

There the king ruled the country. He ruled it extremely effectively during that time. when the populace was content and there was no poverty. The king also treated the people of his country with great friendliness. If there is a problem, the king will find a solution after knowing about it right away. David and Hendry are the two children of the king. They were all raised equally by the king. One day the king went to war, so he gave their children to the caretaker in the palace and her name is Mia.

The king ultimately won in the two-year battle. He went to the palace where their two children were happy with the caretaker, so he made the decision to delegate entire parental responsibility to the caretaker. Because he wanted to fight in the war for many years and was busy ruling the country. The king chose to voluntarily retire because he was getting elderly after a while. He was willing to lead his country with their two children, which resulted in the division of the nation into two.

David and Hendry ruled their land by the father’s supervision, after two years the father died. After that a minor disagreement of opinion between David and Hendry. David asked Hendry to give some grain, because due to the heavy rain in their country their agriculture land was filled by the water, so the grains were destroyed. But, Hendry was unwilling to give their grain to David because Hendry was angry with David and felt that David had always had the best things in life. Hendry was also eager to rule David’s country. If they don’t get the grains, according to Henry, David has no other way so he will surrender.

David does not expect this answer from Hendry, David has no idea how to handle the situation because he has no experience. Before there was any tough situation his father gave guidance, but now he has to make the decision. At that time, David’s neighboring country voluntarily contributed some grains. Because David received some help when establishing his rule. As they grew closer, they made the decision to construct a dam in order to preserve the land and retain water for later use. Both nations make use of this dam. Between the country of David and the neighboring nation, the dam is being built.

Hendry was not able to tolerate this, so he also tried to construct the dam. He asked that the engineer give him the dam project, but the engineer was aware that there was insufficient land available. Because David abandoned the project when he attempted to build the dam before the country’s flood. The engineer notified Hendry of the problem, but Hendry unwilling to give up on the project. They make a large-scale population exodus from the area while spending more money to build the dam. Before the dam was opened, the engineer informed Hendry that it could not retain more water. But Hendry did not consider that, he wanted to defeat David. The dam broke after two years as a result of the heavy rain.

Hendry’s country was entirely under water because they had conserved so much water before the rain. As a result, the country inundated with additional water coming from the dam. Since there was no issue before that rain. They did not set up any drainage systems, and their country was destroyed as a result of the dam. Hendry lacks any other means of defending his country. So he requested David’s assistance in order for David to strike a deal with Hendry so as to provide a greater quantity of gain to my country each year using that excellent opportunity. He accepted the deal because of Hendry’s circumstances. Hendry gives David’s country extra grain every year because, as David claimed, he aids Henry’s country.

Hendry didn’t want to offer their grains to them once, but now he has to do so every year. By this story you can understand Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.