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Learning is the key to success quotes

Learning is the key to success quotes


If you are willing to learn from it and utilize it as a chance for progress, failure can serve as a stepping stone for success. A growth mentality and the significance of taking lessons from our failures rather than viewing them as failures or setbacks. We can finally succeed by accepting failure and viewing it as an opportunity to grow. Lifelong learning is the key to success.

The creative story about this quote:

In a school there is a boy and his name is Smith, he is a shy guy.  All of his classmates taunt him, calling him a playing doll since he never expresses an opinion or makes a decision. His behavior frequently annoy his parents.

Learning is the key to success quotes

One day, his class received an announcement that there would be an annual day celebration in the following week, and that everyone would participate in one of the programs. The class representative decided on the program allocation, and he will place Smith in the speaking competition. Smith has been unable to convince them because they are all required to participate.

Smith is confused how to handle this situation; the annual day has arrived, and it will be his turn to speak. he went to the stage, where he saw the entire crowd in front of him; he is alone on the huge stage; he is unsure what to do at that time; yet, he prepares well for the speech. He began to shake, his voice was absent at the moment, his friends began to mock him, and he ran from the stage and started crying in the restroom.

The next day, he went to school, and everyone teased him, and this continued for several days. He is moved to the next class. One day, his class received an announcement as a farewell day celebration, and all of them were required to participate in one of the programs. He voluntarily entered the speaking competition. And he has put forth a lot of effort to prepare for this competition.

That farewell day has arrived, and it is his turn to perform. As he reached the stage, he noticed that the entire audience was in front of them. And he started to speak for a few moments, then remembering the prior situation. He becomes stuck, and his friends begin to mock him, he run away from the stage. But he is not crying since he believes he has learned from his previous performance. All of them will come to the conclusion that Smith will no longer be successful in his life.

He went to higher studies, at that time as a similar situation arose, and he performed slightly better than before. And he does it again and over again, never losing hope, never giving up, despite several setbacks. And finally he became the most well-known speaker in the industry. He destroys all other opinions and succeeds in his life because he learns from his mistakes. The most important point is that, if he does not participate in the first program, he would not have been a top speaker. If he believes he is incapable of doing anything, he would not have been a top speaker. Failure will come your way; you must face it if you are to succeed.

Smith has not given up hope, he has worked hard to encourage himself and achieve success, click here to motivate yourself like smith.