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Positive Attitude Example: The Quote About Life

Positive Attitude Example The Quote About Life


The most important factor in expressing who you are is your attitude. It could be good or bad. They’re all like people with a positive attitude who accomplish everything in the proper manner. People with a negative attitude, on the other hand, are the total opposites of those with a good attitude.

The creative story about this quote:

In a rental house, four girls are living and their names are Rose, Lily, Jasmine, Olivia. Because they are all good friends and know each other, every day in the house was a nice day for them. Rose works as a doctor, Lilly as a reporter, Jasmin as an engineer, and Olivia as a company owner.  They all work in different fields and have different mindsets, since they are happy in the house.

Another girl named Ava comes to their house one day; she is the owner’s wife’s sister. She joined them as well. However, because she is a relative of the owner, she refuses to pay her rent. She also does not provide her money for water, electricity, and food, but she utilizes all of them. The other members of the house do not match her attitude. They all share their money and give it to those bills, and Ava’s share is also given by them, so they don’t like her.

All of these things are tolerated by them, but she is arrogant toward others, she considers the home to be her own.  Rose, Lilly, Jasmin, and Olivia plan to evict Ava from the house. They want to inform the owner of their intention to evict her, because she is a relative; however, if they inform the owner, the owner would evict them, thus this option is not possible. They intended to put Ava in the bag and throw her away, but they don’t have a large enough bag to do so and they tried a variety of strategies, but they all failed.

Ava is conscious of her impending eviction. Ava invites one of her friends, Amelia, who is a tiny gangster in her neighborhood. She arrives and conspires with Ava to remove the old housemates. They planned as well, but everything ended up collapsing. Amelia came upon an innocent girl named Jasmin one day. Amelia instructed Ava to give Jasmin some money and persuade her to assist in the eviction of the other housemates. Ava followed Amelia’s instructions, and Jasmin persuaded to evict others.

When Rose, Lilly, and Olivia hear of Jasmin’s plan, they resist her and leave the house. Finally, Ava and Amelia were victorious. Amelia finished her mission and walked out of the house. Ava was overjoyed, but her joy was short-lived. Amelia exited via the front door. Rose, Lilly, and Olivia enter from the back door, and Ava is stunned, unsure of what is going on. Rose, Lilly, Jasmin, and Olivia have devised a strategy.  Ava voluntarily come and fall in to there plan. Ava also leaves the house due to the failure.

If Ava cooperates with others then she can also live with them. She left the house because of her attitude, but we don’t know why she prefers this; it may be her circumstances. Be calm in any scenario; it will benefit you and others. Motivate yourself to be a peaceful and successful person. People will notice your attitude the most, so strive to keep it cheerful.