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The Importance of Beginning the Journey

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin


Even if something seems impossible, life is about taking chances and going on experiences. The real barrier to achieving your goals and fulfilling your ambition is not the journey itself. But rather the worries and fears we have about beginning of the journey. Should face our fears and muster the strength to set out on the journey, no matter how challenging. True growth and self-discovery happen along the way, not at the end. And those who take the risk will be rewarded with experiences and lessons that will help them become the best versions of themselves.

The creative story about this quote:

A young man by the name of Jack lived a monotonous life in a small town. He carried on with his everyday activities as a carpenter without any sense of excitement or purpose. Jack yearned for adventure and to travel outside of his small village. One day when he was working in the forest, Jack came upon an old traveler who was injured. The traveler told Jack a story about a wonderful land with treasures beyond his dreams in exchange for Jack’s willingness to assist him. The area, according to the traveler, was at the end of a treacherous journey. But the reward was well worth the danger.

Jack became immediately interested and captivated by the story. He understood that setting out on this journey was the only way to fulfill his desire for adventure and discover meaning in life. Jack decided to go on the trip to the magical land despite the opposition of his friends and family. As Jack encountered new sights and noises, the journey started out simple and exciting. However, the road grew more challenging and dangerous as he continued on it. Jack ran into challenges like roaring rivers, dense forests, and steep mountains. Several times, he felt like giving up, but the thought of the treasure kept him going.

Jack encountered a wise old man on the way who offered to assist him the rest of the way. The old man pushed Jack to keep going no matter how challenging the journey got by teaching him important lessons about dedication and perseverance. But as they neared their destination, a ferocious dragon that guarded the gateway to the magical land accosted Jack and the older man.

The old man told Jack that only someone who believed in themselves and their own strength could defeat the dragon. Jack felt afraid, but he managed to up the courage to face the dragon by remembering the lesson he had already learned. As Jack got closer, he was surprised to learn that the dragon wasn’t violent at all, but rather was lost and in need of assistance getting back to its own land. In exchange for Jack’s assistance, the dragon allowed Jack entry to the magical land.

Jack was in awe of the beauty and wealth of the treasure as he entered the magical land. He realized that the true treasure was not the gold and jewels. The journey itself and the lessons he had learned along the way. From that day on, Jack led a contented and joyful life, constantly treasuring the memories of his travels.

After a long time, Jack returned to his village again as an older man. He serves as a reminder that taking chances and setting out on impossible journeys are the only ways to truly live. The only way to truly achieve is to never give up and to constantly believe in yourself. The only impossible journey is the one that is never begin.