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Living in the Present Moment Can Transform Your Life

Life is much better when you are living in the present moment


Focusing on the present moment and enjoying each event as it occurs. We can have a more meaningful and satisfying experience of life if we concentrate on the present moment rather than being preoccupied by concerns for the future or regrets about the past. Being more present enables us to build stronger relationships with others, be more effective and efficient, and enhance our general wellbeing. We can discover more happiness and fulfillment in life if we can learn to enjoy the beauty and joy in the current moment.

The creative story about this quote:

Jessy who was always worrying about the future. She was constantly obsessed over her career, her money, and her relationships, never taking a moment to simply enjoy the present moment. Jessy felt unfulfilled and sad despite her many accomplishments and successes. She started to understand that her continual attention on the future was robbing her of the joy and happiness she could have in the now.

One day, while out for a walk, Jessy slipped upon an elderly man sitting on a bench. He greeted her and gave her a warm smile as she got closer. Jessy decided to start a discussion with the man as she was intrigued by his quiet demeanor. 

The man told Jessy his life’s philosophy while they conversed. He explained that he had discovered how to enjoy each moment as it came, without worrying about what might happen in the future. Jussy was initially skeptical. She had always thought that in order to succeed and be secure in life, one needed to think about the future. Yet as he spoke, she noticed that a wave of serenity and contentment washed over her.

Jessy started learning the skill of present-moment living over the following few weeks. She discovered that by keeping her attention on the here and now, she was able to live her life in a way she had never before imagined. She began taking long walks through the park, taking in the sights and sounds of the flowers and wildlife as well as the warmth of the sun on her skin. Jessy started painting and found herself completely lost in the process.

Jessy observed a change in her perspective on life as she persisted in living in the present. She was now eagerly anticipating what each new day would bring rather than feeling burdened by the future. When she gained the ability to enjoy every time spent with her friends and family, her relationships with them got deeper. She discovered that by staying in the present, she could build stronger bonds with and actually value the people in her life.

Jessy started to see an improvement in her health as she continued to practice the art of being in the present. She experienced improved nighttime sleep, reduced daytime stress, and more energy to meet life’s difficulties. Jessy came across the older man she had met weeks earlier one day as she was sitting on a bench in the park. She went over to him and thanked him for his advice, telling him how much it had altered her life.

The man gave her a smile and said, “My dear, being in the present moment makes life much better. If we simply take the time to see it, there is so much joy and beauty to be found in the now.” Jessy nodded, feeling grateful for the lesson she had learned. She  realized to see that living meant experiencing all the wonder and beauty the world has to offer, not just gaining success and security.

Jessy promised to continue living in the present, appreciating each experience, and cherishing each day as she left the bench that particular day. She was aware that this was the secret to leading a contented and happy life.