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The Discomfort of Positive Change

Not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning


The positive change can be uncomfortable or even painful, despite its ultimate benefit. People frequently have initial feelings of uncertainty, apprehension, or fear when making changes in their lives, especially if they are leaving behind something familiar or comfortable. But as time goes on, they might start to notice how their efforts are having a beneficial impact and feel appreciative of the improvements they have made. Change is not always simple, but if one can get over the first discomfort, it can result in growth and transformation.

The creative story about this quote:

Jenny had always desired to succeed in life. She got her dream job at a prestigious law firm after years of hard work. Jenny was overjoyed at the prospect of working with the best lawyers in the city and establishing a successful career. She threw a party for her friends and family to celebrate her accomplishment. She went to her job for the first day, but it wasn’t there like she thought it would be. 

The workload was challenging, the hours were lengthy, and the stress level was high. She discovered that it was difficult for her to keep up with the workload, and she felt frequently worried and tired. One day, Jenny received the task of working on a crucial case that would either make or kill her career. Jenny had determined to succeed despite the difficulty of the task. She gave the case everything she had, working tirelessly day and night.

But the judgment was not in her favor, she failed. As a result, the firm appointed her as a lawyer’s assistant for a year. She requested the firm for a case after a year, but they refused to give it to her. Because they want to keep their status as a reputable firm. So she decided to relieve from that firm, and her dream collapsed. One of her friends suggested that she start her own firm, but it is hard to find clients. Jenny is unwilling to believe any other company, so she is left with no choice. So she started her own firm.

She was not able to find an single client a year, all of them want to win their case, so they approach only an popular firm. Jenny lost her motivation, but her friend pushed her to keep going. Finally she got one case from the road, the police officer arrest one men his name is Jorge for an accident, but he not did that accident, another one car did that and they escaped, the police officer mistakenly arrested Jorge. Jenny was so happy.

Jenny  produced the CCTV footage as proof, and easily won the case. She got many similar cases, but she was not happy with it. She is aware that certain cases will not improve her career. But she has no other choice, if she does not take the case, she will face a gap in her career. Another major difficulty for Jenny was the difficult decision she made to move to the new city for to find good cases. Jenny had a hard time adjusting there, She frequently felt lonely and homesick and missed her old life. She was aware that in order to achieve, she would need to keep working hard. She continued to work hard and remained focused on her goals.

Over time, Jenny began to settle into her new life. She discovered new cases, made new friends, and traveled the city. As she expanded her firm, she began to take more pleasure in her work and felt accomplished. Jenny felt grateful for all of the challenges she had to face as she looked on her journey.

The greatest significant changes in life frequently require us to move outside of our comfort zones and confront our concerns, as Jenny’s journey ultimately taught her. Although difficult, it’s worthwhile. Because sometimes undertaking the most difficult tasks initially might result in the greatest rewards later on.

So if you’re going through a difficult change in your life. Remind yourself that not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning, but that they can lead to great things if you are willing.