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Appreciation Gives You Power To Work Hard


When you treat people well, they feel valued and take more action than you expected. It gives you positive worth from various perspectives and inspires you to help others. Appreciation boosts confidence and makes people feel good about their work. It gives people the will to work hard, so if you want to better others, show them you care. Appreciation is one of the good characteristics to follow and try to practice and teach your children to follow from childhood.

The creative story about this quote:

Freddy and Jerry are friends who study at the same school. They are good friends, but Freddy is always jealous of Jerry.  When Jerry does something, Freddy will likely try to do more than Jerry. For instance, if Jerry helps someone else, Freddy will aid more than Jerry. The problem is still present, and Jerry is unaware of those details. Both of their homes are close to one another. One day, Jerry’s father bought him a bicycle, and he drove it over to Freddy’s home to show it to him. Freddy buys a brand-new, high-end model cycle the next week. Jerry is now aware of Freddy’s personality.

They finished his studies, and Jerry and Freddy both intend to start a firm. Freddy was requested by Jerry to launch the company with him. However, Freddy was unwilling to accompany Jerry. Both of them launch their businesses; Freddy does it as an IT company, just like Jerry. Their businesses are both prospering. Jerry’s business expanded faster than Freddy’s after a year. Freddy is unable to tolerate this, so he increases pressure on the staff, hires additional people, and takes other measures to defeat Jerry.

However, Freddy is unable to defeat Jerry. The workforce of Freddy’s business was largely depleted. And many of them are attempting to join Jerry’s business. After a few years, Freddy’s business started to lose money day by day; he had no idea why. All the businessmen attended a business gathering that was held in their city one day. They all share their knowledge and offer suggestions to help other businessmen flourish.

Jerry starts their speech, he is one of the top businessmen in recent times. Others enquired as to his secret to success, and he replied simply that if you want to be happy, attempt to make your employees happy. He always treats his staff members well, shows appreciation frequently, provides treats on important occasions, pays them well, and gives them more free time. They are quite content with it and perform well for the business. Jerry has always treated others in this way because of the lessons his parents implanted in him as a young child.

Freddy’s parents are kind people, but they are too preoccupied with their jobs and Freddy’s upbringing to take the time to teach him proper morals. What we learn as children, we retain for the rest of our lives. Spending time with your child and teaching virtues in them will benefit them, like Jerry, in a variety of scenarios.