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How To Find Happiness In Dark Times: The story


In life, you may face many problems at the darkest time, the matter is if you find the light that is the solution for the problem. In a challenging scenario, you can find happiness in dark times if you think positively and work hard. If you try to face your problems head-on and find solutions, any scenario in your life will pass. Not only should you identify the issue, but you should also attempt to resolve it.

The creative story about this quote:

One happy family, consisting of a father, mother, and two kids, lives in a city. The mother is a stay-at-home mom, the father works for a private corporation, and the two kids attend school. They were a middle-class family who enjoyed a happy life. Every month they went on a picnic. The father put a lot of effort and devotion into his work at the office, and as a result, he received a raise in pay and additional bonus. He makes more profit to compensate for the company.

After a year, the company suffered a large loss, prompting the owner to shut down many branches. The father’s working branch was likewise closed, and the staff there received a three-month salary. Their family only depends on their father’s income, now they have no other way to survive. They don’t have any savings and only have a three-month salary. They must pay EMI, electricity, water, gas, and other bills, and by being frugal with their money, they can only subsist for four to five months.

Although the father made an effort to locate a new employment, he was unsuccessful. After a month, he was offered a job, but it was not a good fit for him, and the pay was insufficient to support a family for a month. However, there was no other option, so he accepted the job. They have to pay the children’s school fees in the upcoming month. Due to their financial situation, they decided to apply for a bank loan. The bank denied their request for a loan because it believed the father would not be able to make the monthly payment.

When a friend of the father learned about the family’s circumstances, he paid the children’s school fees and contributed to other expenditures. The family’s descent into poverty was so depressing that it persisted for a long time. The father’s pay did not increase all that much. The mother decided to launch a business, but they had no idea where to begin or what kind of business to launch and they had no initial payment to launch their firm. The friend of the father who gave the money suggested opening an online store. If a consumer placed an order, then buy the item and ship it.

The father helps the mother launch the business because she has no online experience. After a few years, their business expands, and they are now prosperous and happy. They give the father’s friends money back and their children are joined to their higher studies. The father joins the mother and runs their online store very well.


The family only sees their problems as a lack of money and a lack of a stable job to support the family. However, they do not see the solution as being to maintain a positive outlook, try new approaches, and attempt to start anything. You have to try, because only then will you know whether you will succeed or not. The mother tried to find a solution, and she has now found it.