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If we can trust someone in life even though we are unsure of how they will treat us, but if you believe in God, you will not give up. Although we are unable to see God, he sees us all. If you ask for help, God will provide the path you wish to take; you must have faith in them. If you believe in God, even though your life may be difficult and full of obstacles, everything happens for a reason, and sometimes those obstacles may save your life since God already knows when and what to do for you.

The creative story about this quote:

Once upon a time, there was a king. He ruled his country very well and in that period the country became wealthy and prosperous. He conducted numerous victorious wars and increased his territory. The king does not force anyone to do any work, he is very kind to others. Derick, the king’s son, is the antithesis of the king in character. When Derick reached marriageable age, his parents started looking for the ideal spouse. Due to his character, no one is interested in getting married.

Many of the ladies might have arrived, but Derick is of the opinion that they would not have done so voluntarily. Derick doesn’t want to force anyone into a marriage. They searched for many years, but they were not able to find one. The king waged numerous battles in the interim. In the last war the king went near to failure, but fortunately he won the war. At that time, the king made the decision to delegate all duties to Derick since he thought it may help Derick’s marriage.

They organize a gathering for the new king’s coronation. Derick accepted the king’s crown and the duties during the event. They invite a large crowd to the event, and the old king asks the populace for an answer regarding Derick’s marriage. Everyone remains silent throughout that time, and no one speaks. An older gentleman advised asking God for help since he would provide the ideal answer.

According to the elderly man, when King Derick asked the god a question, the deity replied, “Go to the forest and stay there for a month without any comforts, and forget that you are king.” The king ordered their soldiers to come after a month to the forest. The king went to the jungle and stayed there for two to three days. At that point, several tribal people arrived and kidnapped him because they believed Derick posed a danger to them and they were unaware that he was the king. The tribal peoples do not venture outside of the forest where they reside, therefore they are unaware of outside happenings.

Derick decided not to reveal his kingship, because the god had instructed him to do so. If he was told he was king the tribal people would not believe him because they would not have been aware of the outside world’s circumstances. They treat Derick well after realizing after a few days that he was not harmful. Derick’s character changed after falling in love with one tribal woman, and he started to be so kind. The soldiers arrive at that location in the forest after a month. The tribal peoples begin attacking them in a frenzy. Derick the King put a stop to the assault and gave a detailed explanation.

He went to his kingdom with his lover, so their parents are so happy. The king get married. Derick gives thanks to God and follows his guidance. The kingdom was well-run by King Derick, who showed kindness to all of his peoples. Derick trusted God, so he lived well with happiness and success in their life.