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Start Where You Are And Change The Ending – The Story


You have a lot of possibilities in life, but how well you take use of them is what matters. Because the past cannot be changed, changing your present will influence the future. If you want to change your future and shine, start where you are now. We all make mistakes, but the important thing to remember is that those who work to correct them succeed in life while others fail. Lack of motivation is the main cause of failure, therefore motivate yourself and start where you are and change the ending.

The creative story about this quote:

Two friends named Jack and William study at the same school. They are close friends and decided to start a business when they were still in school and working a part-time job together. When their schooling was over, they made the decision to join the same college. Sadly, they were not accepted into the same college. The good news is that both colleges are located in the same city. They therefore get together on the weekends to plan their business

Because they could handle them from multiple locations, they opened an online store. Their business is expanding daily. They promote their business in their colleges, where there are numerous students. The colleges increased their customer base. They are both in their final year, and their businesses have become more well-known. At that time, Jack got a job with a reputable company that pays well.

Because Jack has experience in the online business, the company plans to launch an online store, so they recruit him. Jack made the decision to work for the business and manage them both. Although William is unwilling to make that choice, he has no other choice. Jack joins the company. The Jack Company is expanding daily. The lack of maintenance causes their online store to lose money day after day. They lost a lot of customers.

It is as a result of this that Jack and William begin to have issues. Jack and William’s online store utterly failed after a few months. William was devastated as a result and was looking for another job. After some months, Jack fired by that company, because he asked for a salary hike. Jack no longer has a job. Although they both want to rejoin, their egos will not let them. They are unable to find another job. So they put their egos aside and come together.

They launch an online store once more, but there are now more competitors. However, they have more experience, which allows them to work more effectively and expand their company. If they continue the business without any gap they may grow higher than now. They now realize we can’t go back and change the beginning, but we start where we are and change the ending.