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Why We Should Never Stop Learning Example Story


Learning improves our behavior, behavior decides the character, your character decides your future. Learn from your, from others, from failures you can learn from anywhere. Never think that we know so much. Life teaches you new things every day, there is never end in your learning until you die. From the ancient times they start learning, we improve many things nowadays, in the future we don’t know what kind of new things will come. If you want to make your future shine, never stop learning. Learning never stops.

The creative story about this quote:

In a city, there is a millionaire David who had one son James. David has a large textile industry with over a thousand employees. David experienced multiple failures when the industry first began, but he learned from them and finally found the best strategy, which he has continued to use for his firm.  He didn’t find any other way because from this strategy he became a millionaire. He maintained his millionaire status for a long time.

James is a bright young man who studied hard and created numerous inventions throughout his time in school. In those days, his father David gave him encouragement. But after a while, he stopped wanting those inventions because he had chosen to give James control of the textile industry. James enters the industry because he is unable to break his father’s word. However, he requested his father to join the research team.

Before James joined the research team, they did not make any different thing for the industry because David followed the same strategy for the entire life span of the industry. The research team just modified their methodology for the modern world. Because that strategy is sufficient, to make a million dollar company. Therefore, they do not try other methods of improvement.

After James joined, the research team helped him learn a lot, and he created a lot of inventions. However, his father was unwilling to apply James’ inventions to his company. James made the decision to leave the business. David regrets doing so. James was given a textile store that David had purchased and instructed to use for his innovation. And said if you are successful in this, I will give you my industry.

James contributes fully to the development of his shop. He earns a million dollars in a brief timeframe. David was surprised to hear this accomplishment. David now trusts James, so he gives him control of his business. He already had a creation, which he put to use in business. The million dollar company becomes a billion dollar company in a year.

David was once more surprised by James’ accomplishment. James was questioned by David about how he had achieved such great accomplishment. James remarked, “Dad, you stop learning. You don’t apply any new ideas, although you succeed, but you stop growing.” I created something fresh by continuing to learn. Whoever does not stop learning will not stop growing.