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The Lesson Of Life – Creative Story


Humility, a willingness to learn, and the significance of continuing to be receptive to ideas and ways of thinking. We can keep developing and become better if we are humble and open to learning from others. We can increase our knowledge and skills and accomplish our objectives if we remain teachable and adaptable to new information. A growth mindset and the significance of continuing to be curious and open to new experiences and ways of thinking.

A creative explanation story about this quote:

In a school, there is a class called 10th A, and all of the students in that class are disobedient to the teachers. The school owner informed the principal that if all students do not pass 10 A, he will close the school. Because he will lose some of his business. The principal changes teachers and methods of instruction, but they are unable to control the students. Because the students are constantly annoying the teachers, all of the teachers in the class do not attend the class for more than one week.

The principal is responsible for saving the teachers’ jobs, so he invites a friend. Adam, his friend, is a former police officer. Adam declined the offer because he is not qualified to teach students at the school. However, he has teaching experience in a police training camp, and he has made a large number of police officers. The principal persuaded Adam by explaining the school’s situation. Finally, Adam was convinced for consider the difficulties of the teachers.

The students were aware that a new teacher would be arriving, but they had no idea Adam was a former police officer. On Adam’s first day of class, all of the students were doing something other than studying. Adam tries to attract the students’ attention, but they do not listen to him. Adam’s first class was a disaster, so the principal felt bad. Adam decided to alter his approach to dealing with the students.

The next day he went to class as usual, and the students were doing the undesirable tasks. Adam finds an innocent student in the class; every class has at least one innocent student. He chooses the innocent student and asks a question. All other students are not considering that, the innocent student has given the correct answer to the question. Adam appreciates the student and gives him ten dollars, as witnessed by the other students. All of the students are shocked to see this and are waiting for the next question.

The Lesson Of Life

Adam raises another question, every class has a rowdy gang. Adam was already aware that the answer for that question was revealed by any member of the rowdy gang. As per Adam’s thought the one student from the rowdy gang answers the question, but that is an incorrect answer. Adam is punished as those who say the incorrect answer to a question, they want to give ten dollars to him, and he makes a concession by giving that student tomorrow’s question, which he must research and teach to his classmates.

Adam assigned the question for tomorrow to that student, but he did not conduct any research and did not find an answer. He poses the question in the following class, but no one responds with the correct answer. He asked that student for the answer, but he didn’t know because he didn’t do any research. Adam requests that he bring $20, but he does not have any money because his family is not willing to give him $20. Adam has suspended the student.

The next day, Adam met with the parents of that student and requested to take their son to your workplace, because he needs to experience the difficulties of the job. They take away that student to their workplace as per Adam’s request. That student spends the entire day in that location. That day, he realized the value of education. After the suspension, he tries to teach the question given by Adam, but his classmates do not take his speech seriously. At that point, he realizes the pain of the teachers and feels bad about himself.

He tries to attract the attention of his friends, but they ignore him, but he does not give up. He continues to teach. A few days later some of them started listening and some few days later all of them are listening to him.  He learned all of his syllabus by teaching to his classmates, who also covered their syllabus by listening to that teaching. The exams were all passed. Because the students have passed, the owner will continue to run the school, and the teachers will save their jobs. The principal enjoys saving their teachers’ jobs.

Adam completed his work and taught the importance of being humble, teachable, and learning. That student understands the value of humility by continuing to teach and gain the attention of his classmates, and he understands the value of teaching by improving his learning ability.  And know the value of education after witnessing their parents’ situation at work.

Anything is possible if we keep trying and don’t give up. Motivate yourself and you will succeed. Read more inspirational stories and improve your self-confidence. 

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