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Why Do People Believe In God – The Story


Every person’s suffering or adversity has a purpose or plan that is unique, and those who remain faithful to God in the face of adversity will receive a recompense. It encourages trust in God and encourages people not to give up, even when things are difficult. The concept is that we can find hope, strength, and ultimately a reward for our efforts by trusting in God and keeping believe. With the knowledge that there is a goal and a reward waiting for them, this quote brings consolation and inspiration to individuals who are going through challenging situations.

The creative story about this quote:

Robert and Sam are the names of two friends who live in the house. Robert is a firm believer in God, and he makes it a priority to pray to Him before beginning any task. Sam does not believe in God; he believes that individuals who plan and work do not require God, and he teases those who believe god. Robert didn’t say anything regarding Sam’s thoughts. Despite the fact that they are close friends, they have different perspectives.

The two friends are planning a hiking trip in the coming week, and in the meantime, they are buying supplies for the trip and splitting the expenses. And they split the cost of the bus ticket to that location because they are best friends who manage their finances by sharing expenses. They received the ticket later that evening. They take their belongings to the bus terminal and board the bus.

When they arrive at their destination, they intend to spend the night on the tree by erecting a small tent in the tree using the items they purchased earlier. Robert and Sam begin erecting the tent by climbing up the tree. Robert slipped from the tree. Fortunately, he escaped uninjured. When Sam notices this, he starts laughing. Robert, on the other hand, does not take this into account. Everything, according to Robert, was done for a specific reason.

Robert’s clothes were covered in mud, so he went to the river to wash them. At that point, he hears thunder. He went to the tent after wiping his clothes. He was taken aback when he saw it there. Lightning struck the tent tree, completely destroying it. Sam collapsed and was battling for his life. Robert puked on Sam and dashed to a nearby hospital. He was in critical condition when he realized what had caused Robert to fall.

You will feel low at times, and others will taunt you, but there is a reason behind this. Whatever happens to us is a gift from God. He will not abandon you if you trust him, therefore trust him and don’t give up.