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Power Of Strong Mindset: The Explanation Story


Our mindset or way of thinking greatly affects our reality and the conditions in which we live. Everything in our lives will change when we change our mindset. It is believed that our experiences and interactions with the world around us are shaped by our thoughts and beliefs, and that by changing our perspective, we may make positive changes in our life. Personal development and the power of mindset or positive thinking can help us change our thought patterns and make positive changes in every area of our lives.

The creative story about this quote:

Robin is the name of our hero in the story. He lives in an apartment with six households and works as a cook in a little restaurant across the street. The five neighbors own their homes, but Robin lives in a rented flat. Because he is poor, the members show partiality to him. They do not invite Robin to any celebrations in the flat and do not assist him with any of his requirements.

Robin didn’t care about them. He has dedicated to his work gives the restaurant’s leftover food to the poor and assists them as much as he can. He sees everything in a good manner so he tried to participate in the apartment meeting, but his ideas were ignored. A common phone in the apartment receives a call from the government hospital, informing you that one of your apartment house members, Robin, has been in an accident and is in bad condition. Please contact his relatives or anyone in the apartment to come to the hospital. The neighbor asked how did you get this number, they said in Robin’s wallet.

Because he had no family, Robin noted this phone number to his wallet. The other members of the flat were notified by the neighbor, but they did not know Robin’s relative’s phone number and were unwilling to go to the hospital for Robin. Robin has discharged from the hospital after two weeks and returned to his home. The neighbors do not inquire about him, and Robin does not inquire about them.

Because Robin’s neighbor’s house was on fire, their apartment rang an alarm. They notify the fire department, but because the apartment is located outside of the city, it will take longer for them to arrive. All of them, including the owner of the fire house, left the apartment, but Robin stayed to try to put out the fire by spraying water. The neighbors are astonished to see this, and they immediately rush over to assist Robin in putting out the fire.

The neighbors changed their minds about Robin, and they lived happily ever after in the flat. Everything depends on how we see everything; if we see everything in a positive manner, everything will be OK. Your mindset determines everything. Change your perspective, and everything else will change as well.

Some suggestions for changing your mindset:

  1. Believe in yourself – This will assist you in overcoming your fears.
  2. Believe in God – This will provide you with positive energy.
  3. Meditate – This will help you relax.
  4. Reading – It will inspire you.
  5. Workout – It will give you self-assurance.

These are some of the methods for changing your mindset, with motivation being the most important one. All of the above require motivation, therefore motivate yourself and change your environment to one that is positive.