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How To Motivate Yourself To Work Harder

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have


Hard work and dedication can lead to good fortune or success. It implies that hard work and good luck are related, and that individuals who work hard are more likely to have successful outcomes. By devoting time and energy to achieving our objectives, we improve our chances of success and generate our own luck. Hard work and determination, and with enough effort, anyone can achieve their goals. Motivate yourself is also an important aspect of work hard

The creative story about this quote:

James and Arjun are two friends who live on the street. They are close buddies who will do everything together. If they go anywhere, they will go together. What James does, Arjun does as well, and vice versa. Their difference is that James believes in luck while Arjun believes in hard work.

Why does James believe in luck?

How To Motivate Yourself To Work Harder

His mother was on a ship at the time and had labor pains, so she gave birth to James on a luxury ship. When the ship owner heard about the incident, he offered James a free trip on his ship for the rest of his life. His parents attempted to enroll James in the top 15th school in his city, but he was denied admission. His parents were in a bad mood. He received acceptance into the city’s top intermediate school. His neighbor’s son was offered a spot in that school, but he had to transfer to another city, so he handed it to James. And more things happen in his life.

Why does Arjun believe in hard work?

How To Motivate Yourself To Work Harder

His father is superior by labor; he owns and operates several businesses; in his early years, he worked for a small company, where he worked hard and gradually grew. Because he worked and learnt from the ground up, he discovered many different ways to conduct business. Arjun learns from his father’s job. As a result, he was a hard worker. He was always first in everything, he was the top student in his class and the winner of any tournament. And so on.

James and Arjun are both taking their final exams. Before the final exam day James’ birthday, they invited the street members and prepared a little party. James and Arjun had a great time. The final exam is the next day.  Arjun studied well as usual, but James did not due to the party. His parents suggested that we arrange the celebration on another day, but James persuaded his parents to hold the party. He also believes in his great luck.

The exams was completed, and they were given a summer vacation, which they thoroughly enjoyed by playing and touring. The exam results were announced, and Arjun received a top score in his school, but James only received a passing grade. Both are in the birthday celebration; therefore, they haven’t studied before the exam. But Arjun did well in all of his midterm examinations, so he was able to plan ahead for the celebration. Because of his luck, James also did well in his midterm test. However, his luck did not extend to his final exam.

Even if James did not study well for the exams, he would have received good grades if he worked hard in his midterms. Arjun worked hard for his midterm exams, and he scored well in his final exam despite not studying; that’s luck if you work hard.

If you want to work hard, motivate yourself. Motivation was an one of the aspect of hard work. Motivate yourself to find a more lucky path.