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Could Humans Fly If They Had Wings

your wings already exist all you have to do is fly


All of the wings exist one day in their lives; those who attempt to use them fly and succeed in their lives. Those who do not use their wings are wasting their lives. They are afraid to face the challenge, so they do not utilize their wings. The bird will not be able to fly if its wings are not used. They will not be able to prosper in life unless they take risks.

The creative story about this quote:

A king named Richard reigns over a country, and he is a fearless man who has never been afraid of anything, including death. That is why he led many battles and conquered many cities. The names of King Richard’s two sons are Charles and Denis. Charles is older than Denis. Denis has the same personality as King Richard, he has no fear and can confront any scenario, but he lacks intelligence. Charles is the total opposite to Denis; he has never had a crisis, yet he is wise.

King Richard goes to battle one day in order to capture a well-established country. They have more power than Richard the King. He eventually won in the conflict after many days even though he suffered numerous injuries. The physicians claim that staying alive for more days is impossible. Because he was older than Denis, the next king was Charles. However, Charles was a fearful man who was unfit to manage the country. Denis is the next, but he lacks wisdom, so he is incapable of managing the land.

The king must be without flaws in order to rule the country. Both of the king’s sons have an issue, therefore the ministers maneuver for the crown. Charles and Denis are well-versed in this maneuver. Denis expects Charles will be the next king. Denis was always there to help Charles with any issues, thus Charles is safe. The ministers plotted against Denis, and Denis succumbed to the plot because he lacked wisdom. Denis stopped assisting Charles after that. So Charles is facing a tough situation.

After some months the king Richard died. The ministers felt that Charles would easily fall into their trap because they trap the fearless Denis. But Charles already possessed considerable insight; after Denis stopped assisting him, he faced those tough situations and learned from his mistakes. He was also fearless after that. He is now perfect for the king positions.

Your wings already exist all you have to do is fly

The issue is that Denis is opposed to Charles. The rule is that if there are more than one child for the king, they must all support the new king. Because of these issues, the country is without a king, and all of the ministers are temporarily in charge. Those officials who were contemplating an attack with a neighboring country appointed Charles and Denis as army commanders. As a result, they thought that if their neighbor country killed them, they could easily take over the country.

Denis is aware of their maneuvering, so he joins Charles and wins the war. Denis support Charles for the king. And Charles was installed as the country’s new monarch. The new king, Charles, arrests the ministers. And he will undoubtedly govern the country. To overcome his fear, Charles joins the fight and becomes the country’s ruler.

You can conquer the world if you overcome your fear. To avoid fear, take a risk, and motivation is essential for taking a risk. Motivate yourself and you will be able to rule the world.