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Laziness Is Good Or Bad: The Story

Laziness Is Good Or Bad Creative explanation Story


It is disrespectful to people who have faith in us and believe in our ability when we become lazy or complacent. It indicates that our decisions and behaviors affect how others see and think of us, and that by being lazy, we are disappointing people who have faith in us. The value of keeping our promises and obligations to others as well as our own personal accountability. We may honor those who have faith in us and reach our potential by staying motivated and assertive.

The creative story about this quote:

A mother and her son live in a house. June and Adam are their names. Adam is in his final year of high school. One morning, his mother received a call from the principal of Adam’s school, informing her that she had to come to school the next day. And he doesn’t explain why. When Adam returned home in the evening, June informed him that I had received a call from your principal, and that I had to come to your school for some reason.

Adam remained silent and retired to his bedroom. June and Adam went to the school the next day to meet the principal. The principal invited them to come to his cabin. The principal informs June that your son is always late for any of his work, as he did not arrive at school on time and did not finish his work. June shocked because she had no idea.

June inquired of the principal, “Why didn’t you inform me earlier?” Every time, Adam convinces the principal not to notify his mother. The principal makes it clear that he will be fired from the school if the incident occurs again. June and Adam returned to their house, and June provided suggestions to Adam, as to how to modify his character. Adam tries his hardest, but due to a lack of self-motivation, he is unable to overcome this. Adam has finally finished his studies and is looking for a job.

After some days, he got an accountant post in a private company. He has to report the accounting to the manager at the end of each month. He finishes his task at the last minute every month. The manager is also aware that Adam completed his work at the last minute, but he does not question Adam, because he finishes his work every month. The manager only focuses on getting the job done, not how it’s done.

At the end of the year, all month-end accounts must submitted over to the general manager. Adam hands over the manager’s monthly accounting book, which he doesn’t double-check because he does it every month and also because he believes Adam. The manager collects all of the accounts and gives them to the general manager. The general manager was auditing the accounts. The accounts for each month tallied, but the accounts for the entire year were not.

Laziness Is Good Or Bad Creative explanation Story

The general manager approached the manager and handed over those accounting books, instructing him to double-check them because the yearly accounts contained some errors. Adam finished every month’s accounts without the proper profit and loss bills, which realized by the manager. Every month, the manager also merely checks the final value.

The general manager suspended the manager for not properly monitoring those accounts every month. Adam lost his job because he didn’t perform it correctly. Adam escaped being dismissed from school, but he was fired from his job. If Adam completed his job correctly, he would not be fired, and the manager would not be suspended. If the manager did his job properly, he would have discovered such errors in the first month and informed Adam so that he could verify them. However, because of his laziness, he does not do his job properly.

Laziness was disrespectful of those who believe in you. Motivate yourself to overcome your laziness and achieve success in your life.