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Opportunities In Life Example Story


If you see in the sky, on every cloud behind is another cloud, as same as in our life there is no limit to success and opportunities in life, work hard and keep trying. You must develop a plan for success in life after each attempt. There are many chances in the world; all you need to do is identify them and take advantage of them. Never assume there is a limit.

The creative story about this quote:

One candidate named Ronny applied for a watchman post in a private company. He went for an interview, in that interview they asked, How do you secure our company? Ronny has an interesting response to that question. Ronny’s answer pleased the interviewer. He explains Ronny’s duties Ronny had to confirm the employees’ information and provide a report to the management every evening. But Ronny has no internet knowledge.

Internet literacy is required for the company’s watchman role. Therefore, Ronny was not hired. Ronny is unsure of what to do and he has $5 in his pocket he used his money to purchase some fruits. He made a profit of $5 by selling the fruit on a nearby street and keeps using the same approach, buying the fruits and then profitably selling them and he grows slowly, becoming the leading fruit merchant after a year.

He founded his own import-export business. In the majority of nations, he ships fruits. He hired a lot of people. Ronny took a trip abroad for business one day. He had to use the internet to check his ID proof while traveling. Ronny informed the person that he doesn’t know how to use the internet. That person said, without knowledge of the internet, how did you rise to this position, if you know the internet you may have been in a higher position than now.

If I learn how to use the internet, Ronny said, I would work as a watchman in a private company. Don’t worry if the cloud moves away from your place; another cloud will bring you rain. As the same as If you miss any opportunities don’t worry, work hard another big opportunity is waiting for you.